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hovel n : small crude shelter used as a dwelling [syn: hut, hutch, shack, shanty] [also: hovelling, hovelled]

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Likely a diminutive form of the Anglo-Saxon hof, or house.



  1. An open shed for sheltering cattle, or protecting produce, etc., from the weather.
  2. A poor cottage; a small, mean house; a hut.
  3. In the manufacture of porcelain, a large, conical brick structure around which the firing kilns are grouped.


  1. To put in a hovel; to shelter.
    • To hovel thee with swine, and rogues forlon. -- Shakespeare
    • The poor are hoveled and hustled together. -- Tennyson

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Augean stables, burrow, coop, crib, dump, hole, hut, hutch, pesthole, pigpen, pigsty, plague spot, rookery, shack, shanty, slum, stable, sty, tenement, the slums, tumbledown shack, warren
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